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Coordinated Effort

Don’t let fear dictate your decisions. Not one bit. Use even the slightest inkling of negativity as a reminder that you are drifting from what’s true, and adjust your course. Bless it, love it, accept it, and return to the stream.

The vast complexity of infinity is your playground, and while much of this reality may have been until now biased toward the severely limited and dysfunctional, it is a time now when we can no longer claim ignorance as to whether we can do anything about it. The truth is that we know we can, and we must.

You have to get quite decisive and serious about your way of life, what you value, and what you know you’ve been waffling or dallying about. Fear exists when you choose to experience an absence of love, and a fickle heart is not one that is anchored in faith.

Indecision, worry and anxiety, are all symptoms of living outside the now, away from this moment; this absolute moment exists concurrently across what we consider to be the past, present and future. All you’ve been, done, and wanted, is here, now, whether they’ve been experienced in the physical or not. So, too, with all thoughts and visions regarding desires and goals; when viewed in context, they are also already in the past. They are aspects of the old story.

Your struggle in the moment is because expectations (very different from surrender) are coloring your focus — yet it is only with the clearest of concentration that you will be able to build momentum, and move into the complementary energy level that aligns with resonant particulars.

Put another way, when you want something, it’s your agreement with the universe that you admit to not having it. Recognize your creative power. For most of us, our conscious effort, filled with doubts and traumas, creates deferment, delays and detours. We also suffer from a lack of true clarity of the actual desire, and most often, we tend to be asking the wrong questions.

We’re learning. We’re evolving. Every day, we get closer to parity of the energy levels at which we prefer to operate, and the desires summoned therein. We’re very practiced in contrast, and contradicting ourselves. So be patient. Be open. Be still. Be knowing.

Be love.

Solvitur ambulando