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Being nearby
Can be difficult sometimes
My romantic self
Wants to kiss you
Hold your hand
Your heart
Your body
To stare into your eyes
In quiet knowing
And disappear the noisy world

It’s a strange thing
To hold ourselves
Away from ourselves
In the confusion of life
Trying countless angles
And approaches
To feel and fill the holes

Our senses deceive
Our minds intervene
Our hungers evolve
Our intentions dissolve

So close

In the grand replay
Of a life well lived
Will my perspective
Have been lived well
Or given merely
Another pass of
The mostly familiar?

I wonder

Being nearby
Can be difficult sometimes
Yet it initiates the essential
Means and method
To plunge deeply
And thoroughly
Into the untamed madness
To wrangle something
Truly spiritual
From just beyond
The usual

The unexpressed
The unexplored
The unintentional
The words
Fall flat


A single grain of salt
Can balance the feeling
Of the sweet
And the savory

It is waiting there
At the tip of my tongue
Daring to alter
The entire palette
And introduce yet more

Still, closer

As i learn to see
With the soul of me
Gratitude emerges
What’s nearer
Is dear
My love

What’s close…
Is closer