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Be Where You Are

We can waste an awful lot of time, energy, and resources going through and abiding by cyclical mental processes, based almost entirely on our imagination.

I know I’ve expended years of creative life force in worry, anxiety, stress and suffering over ideas, and both trivial and grand notions that existed primarily between my ears. As real as they seemed, or how they could have or would have ever played out, in reality, none of the fantasy scenes turned out to reflect that which happened in my mind; they were surprisingly better, or unexpectedly worse.

Granted, my style of coping for gaping emotional holes in my childhood experiences is unique to me. But I think many of us today struggle with uncertainties and the self-imposed weight of trying to live right and good and in a purposeful, fulfilling manner. We all inevitably derive our methods of making sense of the world. In light of unfinished business from years or decades before, we can only too easily drift away from presence, deep knowing, and the powerful silence that can anchor us into the herenow.

The modern world has us unnecessarily handling one trauma after another. Non-events and staged emergencies abound in an era of globalist politics, big data, technocratic elitism, massive wealth gaps, and persistent media saturation. The sheer glut of misdirection, disinformation, narrative manipulation and consistent erosion of our agencies, rights and freedoms, compound the challenge of achieving any level of certainty and psychological stability.

What is natural to an organic, free human existence is at odds with the fiction of the markets, the industrial complexes, and the utterly failed experiments known commonly as government. So, now, we stand squarely at the crossroads of what has been, what has never really worked, and how we will choose to proceed. Will it be collectively, or as segmented tribes and splintered communities, or as private societies and other types of sovereign entities?

. . .

Within your heart, you can tap into your deepest truth, and clearest knowing. None of what is happening outside of you may matter at all once you find real silence – and thus, a rock solid foundation. To be where you are, to embody your universal self, to act as a resilient, truly empowered presence is natural.

“At first it is not easy for people to believe that feelings like reverence, respect, and so forth, have anything to do with their perceptions. This comes from the fact that one is inclined to think of perception as a faculty quite by itself, one that stands in no relation to what otherwise happens in the soul. In so thinking, we do not remember that it is the soul which perceives. And feelings are for the soul what food is for the body.”

~ Rudolph Steiner

Look at what is right in front of you. Appreciate that hundreds of millions of choices and actions have placed you exactly with whom, where and what this all is. You can keep trying to shape your life into a fantastical future with the perfect conditions and the perfect people, or accept that where you are is actually quite amazing and complete. But don’t lie to yourself.

If we rely on the enculturation of not-enoughs and I-wish-I-hads, we lose the moment, we fragment time and space, and we are left wanting, needing, hurting — and demanding even more from those who are themselves coping, healing, creating, crossing and burning bridges from an unfinished childhood. There are gifts untapped and unnoticed, if you dare to be where you are.

Solvitur ambulando