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Tag: poetry

Never and Our Brief Existence

We will never run out of water. We will never run out of oil. We will never run out of free energy for all. We will never run out of space for humans and their families to live well, to thrive, and to build resilient, naturally aligned communities. Why do you choose to believe in the lies of scarcity and lack and in the artifices of collectivized, socialized media?

The Persistent Glow

Father Sun, Mother Earth, how complete is the nature of life. We cannot have a balance without the polaric dance, we cannot know contrast without the two. So, we suffer by the choice to ignore the obvious and plain, to gather and to extrapolate the grander essence of the vast expressions underneath.

The River

When I was young, and stupid, cocksure yet ignorant beyond the meaning of the word, I put my oar in the water and knew with certainty that I could paddle against the current. I was its master.