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Trials and Tests

Your trepidation is palpable. With the legacy/mainstream media reporting only isolated, fear-inducing, divisive, polarizing, and fake or staged events, you’re not now easily convinced that there’s a massive, peaceful, powerful, revolutionary movement happening right under your masked nose.

It’s been a very long time since things felt even a little bit normal. Maybe you’ve lost people you care about over these past two years. Maybe you’ve nearly reached the end of your own rope, and considered ending it. That fact alone demonstrates how widespread and, quite frankly, evil, the mandates, restrictions, politics, and circular give-and-take psyop methods are, employed by “health” ministers and others who’ve become utterly drunk and disorderly on emergency powers.

It’s sickening, in every sense of the word. It’s cowardly, corrupt, inhumane, and it must stop.

You cannot allow yourself to be swayed nor influenced by the familiar faces of corporate “news” media, nor their “experts”. They’re so far gone they don’t even know when they’re lying. You must align with something deeper. You must look elsewhere for information and what is true.

You must not jump to conclusions, nor live in a reactionary, primal, fearful way.

You must not let them fuck with your mind, nor your heart, any more.

Stand up. Chest out. Shoulders back. Chin up. You’re alive during a rare period of history in the making. Right now. Take a good look, for they’ll want to distort it, suppress it, twist, and lie about it. It is the end for many legacy elements of our society, and the wider world. It’ll require a monumental, concerted effort to build something a little less fragile, corruptible, and malevolent.

It’s up to you.

What will be your legacy?