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Toward the Upside

Today was a rough one. Occasionally, the persistent conflict, incomprehensible violence and incongruous, escalating social nonsense frays the nerves, accumulates in the mechanism, and overwhelms the coping and carrying capacity.

The result is an asymmetrical teeming over of emotions from across the spectrum. In the end, it’s quite cathartic. But that it ever needs to occur is endemic to the intense state of the world right now – inside and out.

From sadness and mourning, to white-hot rage, during the process gratitude and language filters escape me. But just like any spin cycle, it eventually spins down, and everything is a little cleaner – if not damp, compressed and sticking to the walls in an entangled mess.

We live in a time(line) when the psychopaths, yet again, think they can ride roughshod all over the damn place. While it’s disturbing how easily a vast majority of minds can be swayed toward unconscious compliance and self-destruction, I believe there are more than enough of us in the mix, who see through it all, to avert a total disaster.

2020 has introduced and exposed an awful lot of fuckery, and the momentum is anything but slowing down.

For decades, we’ve been sounding the alarms, and as another decade closes, with ever more human rights and constitutional liberties being systematically trampled, eroded and erased, we don’t have the freedom to avoid conflict. What’s happening “out there” requires a renewed and emboldened vigilance, drawing upon the infinite within.

The history we’ve been taught and tested upon is fraught with inaccuracies and outright propaganda and fiction. This in itself is jarring to those beginning to wake up. But the quicker you can remove your head from your ass, the more effective you can be in the collective evolution moving up and away from the dismal and dark passages.

Choose. This time is your time. I really am curious as to how predictable and pathetic, or amazing and enlivening 2021 and onward will turn out to be.

Solvitur ambulando