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Akshay Chauhan - Unsplash


It is a fact that few things scare us more than not fitting in with the group.

Consider this when you recall masks, agreeing to and religiously promoting poison jabs, social distancing that had you fearing and informing on your neighbors, self-imposed lockdowns, and hating the “anti” and “conspiracy” crowds, who turned out to be correct about everything… yet again.

Throughout history, as if on repeat, the group has been misled, misinformed, mind-controlled, and manipulated to behave in a certain way, and very few people have dared to resist. They become pariahs, ostracized and isolated, as the group loses their minds once more and forgets they have no control over their actions.

…the dangers of conformity reach pathological levels when, as in our day, a society becomes infected with lies. Politicians lie almost as frequently as they open their mouths. A degenerate education system teaches lies on topics ranging from science, to history, ethics, economics, and politics. The media lies about world events. While corporations lie to us about the value, or safety, of their products. With no shortage of lies percolating throughout society, the modern path of conformity leads in errant ways. It encourages us to go into debt to buy things we don’t need, to consume unhealthy foods, to be obedient to those in power, to take pharmaceutical drugs that do more harm than good, to eschew our passion in favor of money or social status, and if we ever feel anxious or depressed, the conformist way is to distract ourselves with screens, or to numb ourselves with psychotropic drugs

Academy of Ideas

Mind control is all around you, all the time. It’s in all your favorite books, TV shows and movies, liminal and subliminal. It’s more aggressive and insidious than ever. Learn how to see it. Learn to break free from it… or don’t. It’s safer in the crowd.

You conform all the time, without realizing it. This is not always a negative thing. When it is a natural progression based on tested and elevated, aware, conscious choices, we should conform to more aligned and mature cultural and societal behavior.

However, this is not what the psychotic agenda pushers want. They capture and corrupt those who are well-meaning or have good intentions, in order to instill division, segregation, self-sabotage, disempowerment, dissociation, and psychologically incapable adults. They have been successful in a variety of ways. Look around and see how anxious you are to find your clique, club, pride flag, extremist activists, or adolescent entitlement.

Conformity is extremely profitable because it allows us to be more easily controlled, influenced, misled, and manipulated, which is the point. Why listen to the same robotic, mind-numbing “music” as everyone else? Why purchase the same yoga pants? Why practice yoga? Why would you paint your face the same way? Why get tattoos to cover up or deface more of your body? If everyone is doing it, you aren’t being rebellious, unique, contrarian, or even interesting. You are conforming.

Eyes open.