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This collapse we’re living through has been a long time coming. Every aspect of our lives is experiencing an unsettling shakeup, and nothing will escape the pull of this singularity.

Modern academia is proving to be rotten to the core, as is commerce, finance, industry, governance, politics, religion, science, and everything else we’ve at one time or another revered or held sacred. The endemic character weaknesses of man are out in the open now, in all its myriad shades and colors. We are disgusted, ashamed, angry and needing someone to blame! We’re evidently a species comprised largely of physically grown, but emotionally stunted children.

Even in the most basic nature of things, we are facile and ignorant. We know little to nothing about our human body, mind or soul essence. We know nothing much about our home, Earth, and how intricately, undeniably we are interconnected at every level. We know very little about relating to and communicating with each other. We are, at this point in history, kinda dumb. How did it happen?

We’re quite proud of our logical, technical, industrial, and commercial accomplishments. Why then are we afraid to be replaced by automatons, technical intelligence, and machines? There’s nothing special about generating a billion dollars in sales or market caps; it’s built-in to the market system, there for anyone who is willing to capitalize on it — and yes, at the cost of some harm to your fellow humans and/or the planet. This is obvious. Our wanton use, abuse, and destruction of the planet’s resources is, to some, rewarding.

There are plenty of dumb, fat, rich people who take pride in these things. Why should it be any surprise that we’re contributing to the changes in weather on the surface? And, to that point, we’ve been manipulating the weather for decades, so, take a deep breath before spouting off and labeling every fire and dust storm a symptom of “climate change”. Follow the money, please. Your well-meaning activism has, again, been co-opted by psychopaths.

In 2020, we’ve been brought to our knees by an alleged “coronavirus”. It is a pandemic only in our minds, yet right now, months after any real threat has long since passed, the powers that be are not only maintaining, but ratcheting up the drama, trauma, nonsense, and stupidity. The agenda is fairly evident, and it’s working brilliantly: divide and conquer. Everyone is afraid of everyone else. We’re all guilty of spreading, or potentially spreading, the virus. We’re all suspect. We’re weak, fragile, and could at any time get sick and die. Our only hope is masking and muzzling and distancing and vaccinating the masses… What utter and complete horseshit!

There are any number of causative factors to all of this noise. Our air, water, and food have been in some way toxic and nutrient deficient for generations. Our unfortunate doctors and scientists have been misled and remarkably misguided for over a century, and have thus been perhaps unwittingly poisoning us with their petrochemicals; Western medical practices are the third leading cause of death. Our minds have been routinely massaged and manipulated with psychic and technological malevolence for at least sixty years. On and on and on, across the entire breadth of our modern civilization, structures and systems have grown out of and propagated from within the modified seeds, planted in nutrient deficient soil.

Monotonic and suppressed, muted hues of our deeper nature have been managed since time immemorial. So, it’s no small wonder as to the state of things as they stand today, volatile and about ready to come crashing and burning to the ground. All around us are signals and signs of a falling civilization.

Some of us are aware. Some of us are resisting. Some of us have faith, trust, and belief in the power and real potential of humanity.

But is it enough?

Solvitur ambulando