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The brainwashing, mind control, and social engineering mechanisms used and weaponized by the world around you can be repurposed at any time.

That which is actively, perpetually, and persistently destroying you from the inside out, keeping you weak, confused, angry, afraid, sick, and victimized, can be used to elevate and liberate yourself.

They are constantly throwing their best at you from all directions. Don’t expect it to be an easy process that you’ll be able to stick to. Everything you’ve ever been, done, said, or thought has shaped who you are today. As the good doctor says, “your life is your medicine.”

Without conscious, daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute awareness, you will get more of the same.

Break pattern.

Hanna Zhyhar – Unsplash

You can try to force yourself into a new direction by enrolling in a weekend course, a week-long retreat, or even a month of silent meditation in the mountains. But it’s unlikely to last long. Remember that the assault on your senses and sensitivities occurs all the time, everywhere, and continuously. To overcome it, you must rewire your synapses and release the traumas that are accumulated throughout your body.


Many so-called “motivators” (gurus, speakers, and preachers), like most marketeers, possess a hidden marketing trick:

They know that if they can distract you away from your troubles –provide mantras, sermons, techniques, humor, stories, games, practices, and strategies that can keep you busy — you will cease seeking an answer to your troubles, your suffering will dissipate because you ceased seeking, and you will temporarily experience peace, positivity, and calm. It will then appear that the motivator is the cause of this experience. So when the experience subsides (which it always will), you will return to the motivator and his methods over and over again.

A trick, indeed. It was never actually the motivator in the first place. The sole basis for peace, positivity, and calm is the cessation of seeking.

You don’t need a motivator for this, or for anything.
Look within, the motivator is a ruse.

— Garret Kramer

What resides in the subconscious (your operating system) is indifferent about your intentions, feelings, or motivations. It does not care whether something is right or wrong, real or imagined, factual or fictional. It cares about repetition. It is concerned with safety, security, fitting in, and survival. Therein lies both opportunity and the greatest challenge.

Solvitur ambulando