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The same brainwashing, mind control, and social engineering mechanisms employed and weaponized by the world around you may at any time be repurposed.

That which is actively, perpetually and persistently destroying you from the inside out, keeping you weak, confused, angry, fearful, sick, and victimized, can be used by you to elevate and liberate yourself.

They are throwing their best at you 24/7 from every angle. Don’t think it’ll be an easy process, and that you’ll be able to stick to it. Everything you are now is a result of everything you’ve been, done, said, and thought. Like the good doctor says, “your life is your medicine.”

Without a conscious, daily, hourly, minute by minute awareness, you’ll get more of the same.

Break pattern.

You can try to go all in, and force yourself into a new direction, diving into a weekend course, a week-long retreat, or even a month sitting in silence in the mountains. Good luck.

But it probably won’t last. Remember, the assault to your senses and sensitivities is all the time, everywhere, all at once. To overcome it requires a rewiring of your synapses, and releasing of traumas that you’re harboring throughout your body.

What rests in the subconscious (your operating system) doesn’t care about your intentions, your feelings, or your motivations.

But it also doesn’t care about right or wrong, real or imagined, factual or fiction. It cares about repetition. It cares about safety, security, fitting in, and survival. Therein lies the opportunity, and the greatest challenge.

Solvitur ambulando