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Tag: social constructs

Existence and the Search for Meaning

It was about 2:00am on New Year’s Day. I’d been watching a few shows online while the clock had gently ticked past midnight, to silently ring in a new year. According to our current calendar system, it’s now 2020, which sounds futuristic, really. But, it’s here. I am still here. I wonder what for…

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Our craft, our story — as the expression of our uniqueness and what we inherently strive for as our fully actualized self — can take a lifetime to realize.

Great Things

There’s such an immense pressure we put upon ourselves in our culture to “do great things” with our lives. I think we almost always miss the point entirely. It’s an contrast between materialism and what really matters.


Each and every relation-ship serves us consciously, and unconsciously.