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Higher Consciousness

The way we tend to live our everyday lives is a fairly low-level of consciousness. In fact, it’s mostly unconscious. Let’s be honest.

We might wake up by alarm, or some other disturbance. We may wake up late, thus already in a negative mindset and with scattered momentum. We may be going to a place of work that pays the bills, barely, but is otherwise meaningless and doesn’t really serve our souls, nor that of our community, nor the human collective.

We may purposely leave ourselves just enough time to get there, flouting our commitment, practically begging the universe for something “interesting” to happen along the way. It might manifest as yet another bad driver (it’s never you) or all of the traffic lights being red — or sleet, snow, maybe a fire or flood!

We’ll don the masks and invent more ways to put up with difficult personalities, customers or situations, clock-watching until lunchtime… How is it only 9:30?

We might be self-employed, and can choose to sleep until we’re done, take an hour to rise, another for breakfast, then get a couple of emails get checked before lunch. Throughout the day, we could rack up a good 3 to 4 hours on social media. That’s work, right? Shared a few links. Got a few clicks. Boom.

We might do work that has us away from home and bed 8 to 16 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. Does it fulfil, engage, or challenge you? Maybe meaningfulness doesn’t factor in for you. Why, then, do you drink so much, or have so much anger, frequently fight depression, or always find the need for escape — until at last, hopefully, you can sleep?

It’s all over pretty fast, this lifetime. Why are you here?

The point is that the idea of higher consciousness isn’t this far-off mystical thing or place; walking barefoot down the street for 5 to 10 minutes can alter your biochemistry and free up some cognitive and spiritual juices. Imagine what 30 to 90 minutes, daily, will give you!

These layers of energetic weight offered by our habits, beliefs and resistance are a blanket we choose to imprison our conscious awareness with… or not.

If you’re afraid to ask the question, you might be missing out on so much of what this life can offer you. What do you truly want? What are you afraid of? What do you love? What do you need? Will you ask for it?

I wonder…
What if?
I am…

Recognize the power that you own exclusive rights to. Everything is here to help.

Solvitur ambulando