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Elastic Band, or, Why We Needs the Pain

We dive deep into the darkness and the weight of iniquity, so to use the contrast as a springboard, vaulting us upward into the arena where Love-and-above exists. Thus, the artist, the creator, is free — albeit momentarily — to express the passion and the purposeful word, idea, image or turn of phrase.

We delight in the co-creation that enables us an outlet to bare our communal soul. We use language and the arts to achieve a modicum of release… only to demand yet more, always more. Then, back into the shadows to refuel.

As a species, we seem to have the need to pull ourselves so far from center, so to inevitably catapult ourselves into massive, positive shifts. We are so invested in the ideas of polarity and duality that we exercise them to extremes, time and again.

Though, perhaps an elastic band isn’t the reality, but instead it’s more of a resonant transference, wherein we don’t fly back across center, but rather disappear from the extreme negative, and simply reappear in the lightness of the supposed opposite end of the spectrum. Yet, we’re well aware of that from whence we came, until it eventually fades from existence.

When you choose to embody the greater version of yourself, there’s no room for the lesser energies — nor is there any judgment toward them.

It’s an interesting practice and broadly purposed experiment. If there is a part of us that truly knows that no actual harm can come to us, then this makes sense; we’re not suckers for pain, but rather experiential, sensual, emotional and energetic explorers.

Dive in.

Solvitur ambulando