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It’s funny the things that can trigger us. If you’re aware, you will hopefully get ahead of it, but usually, it’ll have the effect of rolling over and falling out of bed, or missing that first step and tumbling down the stairs like a rag doll.

In reality, we don’t want to perpetuate painful programming. We don’t want to keep revisiting hurtful and totally untrue beliefs about ourselves or our world. Our minds, bodies and spirits desire to be in (and will naturally return to) equilibrium and flow, and in league with the diverse energies of the universe. So, what gives?

Since the earliest days in each of our lives, we’re sponging up the energies, attitudes, ideas and atmospheres of our circumstances and environments. Long before we can understand words, or even speak, we’re collecting and codifying and imprinting on our DNA the apparent nature of the reality presented to us, suppressing inborn abilities, energies and understanding.

In our culture, this usually means a lot of stress, trauma and negativity. This means stunted or delayed emotional, psychological and spiritual growth. This means confusion, frustration, disorientation and enmity.

Why is self-help such a massive industry? Why is binge-worthy content in such high demand? Why do we stay in shitty relationships? Why are we so lonely — and unable to engage in face-to-face, meaningful conversation and discourse?

You know why. But are you willing to do the work? No one can do it for you, but everyone can be a guide, an angel or a catalyst. Find your tribe.

Solvitur ambulando