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Whatever Arises

Audio Version (featuring music by Sergii Pavkin)

Stuff will come up as we delve into our depths, liberating the flow of our authenticity. Our challenge is to transcend the usual reflexes and impulses we’ve been reliant upon. We need to be okay with them.

The more we try to control our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and perceived ugliness, the more we affirm what has been before as a part of our present reality. To shift into our preferred selves, we must allow space for acceptance and allowance.

There is no defeat or disempowerment here. To love whatever comes up is to reclaim the power it has over us, and to better understand ourselves. To truly love and accept whatever arises frees up and dissolves that idea construct — the effect of our frequent and unconscious attachment to archaic causes. This is not passive or a form of surrender. It is active, integrative, resonant, and restorative.

We will want to deflect. We’ll want to justify. We’ll want to project, blame, and spew all kinds of self-deprecating obscenities and judgments. Whatever arises, accept and respect it. Do not turn on the music, TV, Netflix, or YouTube. Do not dive into a book. Do not go for a run.

Just sit. Go deeper. Observe your ability to remain separate from the idea for as long as possible. This is not yours. It is not you. It never was. It is a fabrication, a story, and a teaching tool, and you, as the master of manifestation, desired to learn and experience everything it offered.

Now it’s time to let go and unlearn.

Everything you’ve learned along the way is valuable, including every failure, victory, trip, and fall. As we rise above the old paradigms, who you are and what you know are valuable to all of us. The grand repository is grateful for your uniqueness.

There is no longer any need to tighten your grip and maintain a stranglehold on something that you will never be able to hold forever. Your heart is abundant and limitless, always ready to provide new insight, intuition, and inspired nudges for the next best step that is completely aligned with who you are right now.

Whatever arises, love that.

Love your life.