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The Road Ahead, The Trail Behind

It’s been quite a year. Much has changed. Much has stayed the same. I have lived in four different places, after being parked for five years… And I’m on the verge of moving again.

What holds true is that wherever we go, there we be. I feel that as vividly as ever.

We sometimes think there’s time to waste, or that we’re indeed wasting it, but in truth, there is no time; we have pictures; frame after frame, moment by moment.

We have a mere flicker of a photon with which to make our ripple in the universe, then it’s gone.

Our memories are mere fragments, inaccurate and forced. We can stretch our imagination to try to relive a particularly good day, or desperately try to forget a terrible one.

We can check days off some arbitrary calendar, schedule appointments, make lists and keep our hands busy so to avert the anxiety of a pause. . .

Or, we can envelop every breath in gratitude, as a way of existing beyond the mechanics of life. We can turn off devices and screens and stare up into the grand abyss while the wind surrounds our temporary sadness, and the spirit of things infiltrates our solidity to prove once again how transient this all is.

Friends, we don’t consider regrets until we’re unable to effect anything about them. While you can awaken and arise and breathe and have desires, aspirations, dream girls or boys, take the chance to live them, now.

Most of our fears and terrors are made moot when we dare greatly. Our imagined struggles or barriers always prove to be just that: made up.

It may work out. It may not. Great! If you prefer to exist in the what-if state, and the disastrous holding pattern that only serves to suppress and subdue all you can and would aim to be, that’s OK too.


No matter what, there is nothing to fear. You are loved. You are safe. You ARE.

Look again.

Solvitur ambulando

Trance Blackman – Nothing To Fear