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Making a Life

You don’t need to make money. That’s what the reserves, mints and banks do. There are trillions upon trillions of dollars, euros, pesos, dong, yuan, yen and a multitude of other currencies out there now, and with digital money, blockchain and emerging cryptocurrency options, the shift toward global, immutable, secure, transparent, decentralized, cruelty-free money is pushing forward.

You don’t need to earn a living. You are alive, you were born on purpose, and you are enough already.

But you do need to choose how you want to play the Earth-at-this-time game.

You can argue about the imbalance, iniquities, tragedies, politics, legality, dysfunction or distortions related to the idea of “money” but the fact simply is that right now, it’s integral to the human experience. It’s great if you’re keen to get rid of the notion entirely, but what’s the alternative? Of course, we don’t need money. We never did. And we have knowledge and information and technology now that would provide every human with a viable, purposeful, safe, productive and peaceful existence. We could fundamentally shift the entirely planet away from violence, destruction and resource waste—and while we’re at it, choose to do away with greed, fear-based consciousness, and general stupidity.

But, we are several millennia into the system that locked us into a money dependency. A shift to a more egalitarian, honest, incorruptible system can’t be done overnight. But rest assured, the system is emerging. In fact, every so-called problem in the world already has a solution. Remember, too, that a lot of problems and concerns today are completely made up; fear, scarcity and lack feed directly into and embolden the vast money machine.

Life will not sit still nor stagnate, and as our collective consciousness and our very DNA evolves away from the small, disintegrated, materialistic, corporeal-only, self-centered concentration, our social, economic, political, educational, spiritual and scientific systems must as well.

Grab a life vest, and an oar. Commit to the highest vision you’ve held for yourself, and your fellow earth citizens.

Solvitur ambulando