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Freedom, and the Illusive Dream

There is a vast web of constrictions we’ve learned to live with in the Western world, and most of them are quite cleverly masked. By the time we’ve reached adulthood, many of us have all but forgotten our childhood dreams, and live in a mostly functional, yet desperately quiet existence.

If you’re feeling defensive, the reasons and justifications, or need to immediately have them, is irrelevant. This is deeper, and it’s important to stop the cycle, and paralyzing psychosis.

Motivational speakers thrive on this aspect of our perceived lack. I think we’re past the need for subjective motivation. We can see now the transparency, and long-term inefficacy of it. Much can be said, about basically nothing, yet it can inspire a tired heart, touch and excite a few nerves, and maybe even motivate someone to do the work and to truly change their lives. Oh, and, there are only twenty packages left at this limited-time-offer price, at the back of the room. Don’t delay or you’ll miss out! It’s your time! And, we have payment plans. Why are you still sitting there? Go!


Motivation is one thing, but transformation is another completely. One is (or has become) largely superficial, and formulaic. The other is grounded, intentional, and deeply empathetic. It’s important to discern the difference. There is a wave of change-makers, writers, teachers and conscious activists emerging in exactly this manner.

Motivational is CEOs, athletes and sports, cheerleaders, and medals on podiums. Transformational is burrowing down to the essence, and guidance toward the recognition of the champion that is, and has always been there, regardless of external, subjective, transient achievements.

Motivational is conformity, manipulation, convention, and competition. Transformational is curiosity, integration, invention, and collaboration; it is the art of uncovering, or rediscovering our values, our assets, and the gifts we were born with.

Motivational is manufactured, chemical, artificial, and using shortcuts. Transformational is gathering the kindling, friction, callouses, embers and sustained passion; it is the burning off of impurities with the white-hot heat of love.

The journey of tapping back into the dream, is a renewed journey to our freedom. Reconnecting with the authentic, core, innocent, genuine, true source of motivation, and true fountain of youth, is freedom — freedom to be who we truly are, wholly, honestly, and completely.

This is a time of great transformation, within, and without. You can see it everywhere. True inspiration and motivation is always there, when we stop trying. As the saying goes, we need to simply get out of our own way.

Kyle Cease, is a transformational speaker.

If it resonates, check out some more of his wealth of videos. Or, find other sources that strike a cord for you. What’s important is the substance. Our demand for authenticity and transparency is our internal compass. There’s a lot of information out there, but there is very little we actually need.

Love your life,