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Tag: values


We’re at a stage in our human journey where spirituality (consciousness) and technology are evolving and emerging at comparable, concurrent rates — and it seems as if it’s somewhat of a competition, depending on how you look at it.


We’re busy. A lot of us are mad busy. A lot of us hide in busyness to pretend to be on purpose, or to avoid actually pursuing one. It doesn’t matter. This article is about slowing down. It came to mind and felt important to wax philosophical about the pace at which we live, and the presence we give to our experiences.


Creativity thrives on an openness and innocence (or perhaps wilful ignorance), a trust in the unknown and a delightful anticipation of the unexpected. It calls for a certain level of restriction, pressure or limitation: a time constraint, a budget limit, an equipment or materials limit, inexperience, weather conditions, client preferences, Mercury or Mars in retrograde, etc.