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Tag: dreams

I Trust You

I was dreaming of being in a place that seemed to find the few of us survivors in a constant state of worry for our lives. It seemed dystopian.

The Most Important Thing

What is it that won’t let you sleep at night? What is it that gnaws at the back of your mind? What is it that angers, frustrates or disheartens you?

none of that is the issue. that’s all noise, programs, the ideas of other people, the seeds of cultural norms and expectations… but none of it is your own voice.

The Day Job

“Your job is your side project.” A good perspective.

It’s a fairly common and repeating theme as we delve time and again into the creative life — or whatever we’re building, aspiring and moving toward — while we expend countless hours and energetic resources working a job to maintain a semblance of support for ourselves… and very likely a family.