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Pre-Manifest Density

Beyond the artifacts and the superficialities, is the essence borne of infinite love.

What is it that contains the trillions of cells — the DNA, the autonomic function, the intelligence — and all other levels of the construct making up a human being? Soul contracts, social agreements, great stories, grand ideas, infinite curiosity, and free will.

We agree to play along with the multitudes of variant derivations; we allow for borders, money, religion, control paradigms, violence, bliss, joy, anger, love, hatred, light, dark, rainbows and nuclear power; consciousness.

Every aspect and level of our experience is of use to someone or some thing. Our energy output can benefit humanity, or spiritual and energetic parasites and vampires.

We can work in harmony with our environments or use up every resource to strip the planet to death — thus ensuring our own demise — in this form, at this time, in this reality.

We can choose to play along with programs and conditions introduced and influenced into us. We can choose to start anew, in a totally new direction, shifting our focus, our creative energy, and thus rewriting outward experience, perception and reality.

We can fear death and dying, or we can fully embrace living. We can accept that life is change, and that death comes in many forms and faces. We can choose to let go of fear and scarcity belief systems and spirit-stifling constructs… or play out the limitation game for eons more.

Nothing inherently has any meaning, nor polarity or charge, nor purpose or attachment or definition.


How does this alter your view of the world, your children, your assumptions, and your mood? You don’t need food. You don’t need money. You don’t need love. You do not need to need.

Peeling back the layers should be empowering, as we shift away and out of the persistent fog. Yet, it isn’t. Why? Because every layer is imbued with its own adherence to fear, lack, or scarcity; most every accepted belief brings with it emotional attachment and egoic anchoring.

We can observe this phenomenon any time we think or utter the phrase “I am”. Notice the emotional charge, the polarity, the attachment, the pride, and the folly.

Every step away from the sacred-neutral is a step into and toward a condition. Every condition introduces an energetic charge and thus polarity. Polarization introduces separation, fragmentation, imbalance — yet it is only here that we introduce preference.

On this fantastic earthly plane, preference goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction or the Law of Focus. Most of us tend to operate in a very dysfunctional, haphazard version of this idea, too.

Look again. See differently. Remember.

Is that air you’re breathing? Who is interpreting these words? What is is-ness?

Solvitur ambulando