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It’s Complicated

When we buy in to the synthetic, superficial ideas of our material world, to swear by and live by them, we may forever be misled by the perception of the complicated nature of things. That, to me, is Scientism run amok.

Our explorations, research, theorizing and speculation over the last century or so have manifested in a vastly diverse, competitive, political, polarized and incomplete understanding of the nature of life. Everyone is right, and they’re beholden to their benefactors. Regardless, the more we dissect, dig down, zoom in, pick apart and examine the essences and elements of what makes our reality what it is, the more we find it to be absolutely and undeniably interconnected. The more we seek complexity, the more we find symmetry and simplicity.

Industrialists and purveyors, manipulators and disciples of capitalism have a problem with this. Their ideology and identity relies on the material world, and especially in the use, control and abuse of it. Not surprisingly, humans are also part of that equation. We are considered by many to be nothing more than a resource, and a utility. It’s quite evident in the social structures and reality constructs we exist within, where we battle and struggle in endless cycles of distraction every day.

Education, government, industry, commerce, medicine, science, arts and entertainment, information collection, dissemination, manipulation and exchange, technology and innovation, sex and parenting, religion and spirituality — all aspects of modern life have the imprints, influences, stains and toxicity of industry and mechanization, the synthetic and the artificial. This is why we suffer.

The truth has always been that we are the technology, incredibly advanced and yet largely undeveloped. We are the real, authentic and complete story. We are the keyholders, the gatekeepers and the builders. Anything or anyone that suggests otherwise must be questioned and scrutinized.

Technocratic influences are ubiquitous, violent, clever, disguised, employing agents programmed and designed to behave and appear as real as we are, but can never be. The next, best option, is to actively and persistently condition us to believe we are less, that we are subservient, that we are dependent and that we are weak. Look around today, and you’ll see many who have chosen to adopt this false narrative.

So, yes, it is complicated. Now that we are increasingly aware of the lies and distortions, we can decide to take it back — to bring it back to the simple, symmetrical, sustainable, renewable, regenerative, natural and authentic. What is that, exactly?

That answer will differ in every stage of your life, and even from one day to the next. What we value and believe in perpetuates what we think is possible, and defines what we will inevitably experience and carry into tomorrow. How we live is our destiny, and our legacy. How we choose is our story, and our moments to come. How we love is our expression of awareness, of presence, embodying and channeling of heart-soul essence. It is so simple, and so profound, and a word or conceptualization will never suffice. It is deeply personal, yet inherently, absolutely unified with the all.

It is complicated only if we say it is. That’s all.

Solvitur ambulando