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Accept Yourself As You Are

First of all, allow yourself to take a minute to sit with everything that is coming up into your awareness upon reading the title above.

I encourage you to love all of it, and just to observe. It is critical to breathe now, deeply, slowly and consciously — for no less than 30 breaths. Be slow. Be deliberate. Be easy. Relax into the real you, resident of that space between.

What you are gifting yourself is a moment to step outside the cyclical and persistent, to hear what is natural and of your heart. Whether or not it is based on fact, truth or current reality, is irrelevant. It is what it is. It is who you are, this moment. It is a checkpoint, a turning point, and a crossroads… Same as it ever was.

In every moment, you can begin again. You are not the same person you were even three seconds ago. If you’ve actively engaged in these simple actions, you have already raised your vibratory frequency, and have moved toward a new default setting.

Recognize your power. Reclaim it. Turn off your devices, put your phone on “airplane mode”, so to allow your internal guidance to notify you of legitimate, soulful concerns. Reconnect with your self, and with your true nature.

You’ve created this day — this hour, this minute, this second — to explore this strange, beautiful place of seeming duality, polarity, separation and loss. Trillions of cells and the chemicals of your body await your intention, reacting to your thoughts, emotions and adapting to your environs.

Hear the negating, denying, sabotaging, resistant notions, beliefs and voices — but you needn’t heed them. Accept yourself as you are, and nudge yourself toward the best version of the highest vision you’ve held for this life. Reclaim your purpose.

Dare to break with routine. Step into the discomfort of the unfamiliar, and elevate your story. There’s nothing to fear.

The old ways will want to reaffirm themselves, just as it is out in the world. Recognize your own growth progress in the faces around you; in changing policies, in emerging, consciously aware businesses, in paradigm-shifting discoveries, and in the awakening of the generation to come.

You were designed to adapt and transcend. All roads lead to one, so don’t worry about getting it all done.

Solvitur ambulando