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On Building a Highway

There’s a psychological trick we may unintentionally disrupt the flow in our life with, only because, as per usual, we’re not even aware that we’re doing it. In fact, we employ a lot of paradoxical or conflicting programs all the time, so it’s no wonder that we often find ourselves flailing about or otherwise overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and stumped. This inevitably leads to a variation of the blame/shame game, and more often than not, it turns inward.

Many problems, while seemingly enormous or beyond our immediate capabilities, can be chipped away at, planned out in detail, or otherwise segmented to enable us at least some initial and ongoing means of processing, progressing, mastering or conquering them. This may seem obvious, but it’s more than merely taking baby steps. Conversely, if you’re needing to blast away a mountainside, or tunnel through one, blowing up too much at once may destroy or otherwise derail the project altogether; something that has taken months, decades, or many centuries to develop — bad or good, solid or ethereal — has within it layers of mineralization, degradation, energetic stagnation and complexity you can’t possibly see nor appreciate well enough at the moment.

Just as we can squirrel away a percentage of our earnings toward something we wish to acquire, or for paying off something we’ve purchased on credit, this same principle is remarkably effective in virtually all areas of life. We’ve all applied it in various ways at some point.

Life is all about learning how to dance. Writing a book? One page per day — one sentence, one word! Getting in shape? One set of push-ups or sit-ups. Then two. Then three. Start swimming once or twice per week. Start looking into yoga or martial arts, or some other sport or physical activity of interest — or, practice imagining you’re working out. Get out of your comfort zone! Repainting your home? One wall at a time. Maintaining or designing a garden? One bed at a time, one plant, one weed. Every day. Lots of dental work needed? One tooth at a time. Dietary sensitivities? Remove everything and add back one ingredient at a time. Detox. Cleanse your system at least seasonally by fasting. EAT REAL FOOD. Learning a language? One word or phrase at a time. Building an empire? One business, investment, innovation or invention at a time. Catching up on taxes, learning to sculpt, rewiring your garage, producing a film… It’s all the same game.

Naturally, we can’t ignore the obvious, nor the esoteric: improving your attitude, healing emotional trauma, raising your energy levels, discerning how to make sense of life and the universe, developing superhuman abilities, learning how to understand and work with nature and magick… one decision, and one action at a time.

We can then extrapolate and broaden this philosophy to recognize how we might (and do) effect vast, systemic improvements in this same way, and how our world and the extraordinary human species is continually in a state of flux and reconfiguration. One singular, timely idea is extremely influential. One act of kindness (or violence) reverberates out into a community, and may eventually be felt across the world; we are at once unique, and an integral part of the collective consciousness, essential to the greater story.

We see it all the time, and in today’s media-rich culture, wildfires of both love and rage are impossible to contain. Unfortunately, any meaningful discourse suffers, as we carelessly lean into extreme, divisive language that is both inappropriate, unconsidered and imprecise. This is an evolutionary step in our capabilities and capacities for deeper tribal, communal, regional, national and worldwide communication; what you do today, how you choose to spend your time, may alter and inform the policies of your great-grandchildren and their own inevitable social challenges.

Consistency and persistent, intentional movement in the direction of your desires creates momentum. After the initial push — which for some of us may take many years — you’ll have less and less resistance and emotional or psychological drag to contend with. Your environment will likely follow suit; people will show up, resources will materialize, and your own flow of ideas and motivation will be emboldened with each commitment to your path of choice.

This also helps to expedite your process of self-discovery, and to eliminate — or better clarify — things that you don’t in fact have any genuine interest in. While the road may start out straight and open, off-ramps and exits, detours and unforeseen weather conditions and accidents will all play their parts. You’ll adjust your course as more interesting, and more enticing opportunities and options present themselves. You’ll stop in a small town to refuel, and meet someone who tells you about a much more beautiful and scenic way to get to the next city. You’ll fail, a lot, and you’ll succeed. You’ll get lost and eventually find your way again. You’ll hone your skills and discover new aptitudes, and you’ll move away from the lesser notions and perceived limitations of your former selves.

Just get moving. The idea is to assume a broader perspective. The idea is to trust yourself. Even the shakiest bridge cannot be crossed without stepping forward to see if it’ll hold you. If it doesn’t, find another way around — or build a new bridge.

This day does not come again. Yesterday can’t be done over. Tomorrow is forever… tomorrow. Now is where your magic awaits you. Now is where everything exists to catapult you toward your destiny. Now is all you ever had to work with.

You are here now. You create from here, now. All of life is teeming and bubbling underneath the now.

Look again.

Solvitur ambulando