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In 2021, in order to discern any useful, truthful information, one needs to be critical of nearly every source, but can safely ignore the faces and falsities of well-paid experts and drama pushers you’d see regularly, daily in mass media. They are lying with reckless abandon, so no matter what is being presented, know it isn’t likely to be true.

The problem is that it seems most people will and do believe in it. This is nothing new, of course. I’ve certainly had my share of blind, trusting gullibility in this life. Controllers and manipulators live to control and manipulate. So, is it worth my time and effort to shake awake a few minds that haven’t been completely captured? I don’t know. Life is short, and we choose how and why to live. Who’s to say anything I’m presenting is “right”. I create and share in the ways I am moved to, and truth and integrity are pretty important to me.

Fear is a for-profit utility. The endless parade of crises is designed to keep you disoriented, sick and tired. Carefully crafted imagery and cleverly chosen words are spellbinding. You aren’t given a single moment of peaceful, authentic presence, if you are intent on believing anything put forward in the mainstream. You’ll be asked to pick sides of an irrelevant, divisive debate, or to guilt, shame and judge yourself or your neighbors, or to prepare for the next scheduled crisis. They are always planting seeds, and showing their hand, if you have the will and eyes to see it.

An idea “going viral” is a form of predictive programming, using the misleading notion of something spreading rapidly, “like a virus“. But that’s not how nature works. The whole science (bu$iness) of virology is a form of cognitive dissonance, none of it based on reality. It’s been disproved time and again. If you read “outbreak” in the headlines, know that what follows is either logical fallacy, propaganda, biased conjecture or speculation.

Our bodies, our blood and energetic fields, have been increasingly bombarded by new and different forms of unnatural radiation and environmental toxicity since the beginning of the 20th century. We’ve had to adapt. These adaptations always present as seemingly “novel contagions” when viewed through the lens of germ theory — which has also been disproved/falsified.

As of this writing, no fewer than nine new billionaires have been created as a result of the most recent vaccine drive. Does that seem legit to you? If they were truly concerned about our wellbeing, if there were a real and true pandemic, why is anyone of any conscience earning a dime? Why all the propaganda, bribes, rewards and incentives for getting jabbed?

Somewhere amid the noise is the truth. Yet, there is virtually no way to verify anything with your own two eyes. Within any community of passionate, truth-seeking souls, agents of controlled opposition are installed, tasked with polluting or corrupting an otherwise beneficent organization from the inside out. So, be vigilant, but don’t be paranoid.

This is a moment of powerful, unsettling psychological, philosophical, epistemological and spiritual therapy. We need to treat the systemic disorders, and we’ve been given ample opportunity to see it all for what it really is.

Solvitur ambulando