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Justin Luebke - Unsplash

Relentless Dichotomy

Audio Version (music by Ashot Danielyan)

This place is remarkably beautiful
And also remarkably sick
The way we exist
On the precipice
Astounds and amazes me

I, and many like me
Came back again
To tell it like it is
To shatter the bullshit
To trance-send the lies
To catalyze, initialize
To instigate, investigate
To expose the old ways
And challenge the cowards;

The weak of spine
And weak of mind;
Those of malice and

Those who laugh, smile
Profit and wile
At the many who try
To play along
But know in their hearts
There is another way…

You can choose to be
A background player
To be safe, numb
And follow the obvious path
Until you’re waiting
To die…

Or, you can listen

Shut up and listen

You can write your song

You can tell your story, and
Let it go where it wants to go

Where it needs to go

And just know
That in the end
It’s all good

Solvitur ambulando

. . .

Another Way” from Fleshwound