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Darius Bashar - Unsplash

The Gentle Hand

Even in the most violent episodes, there are subtleties at work, and life emerges in the calm and serene of the unhurried and unforced, i.e., the natural and organic flow. We exist in and experience this realm through the interplay of forces large and small.

Living in the present moment entails letting go of any concerns about time and place. However, the present is influenced by tension and disintegration, expansion and contraction; until we complete each episode and allow for spiritual and psychological closure, and thus reintegration of our aspects that are lingering in limbo, or caged, attached, and trapped out of sequence, we weigh it down and mire the motion.

Life will not allow us to idle, not without considerable effort and pain. Regardless of the coping mechanisms and distractions we employ, the resistance defies our raison d’être and defers or obscures our ikigai.

That is not the way industry and commerce operate. Those who labor, toil, tinker, research, test, compose, paint, sculpt, and author are devalued and disrespected when those in their glass corridors and concreted lofts can simply manipulate the odds, create nothing, contribute no art, improve no one’s life except their own, and generate unlimited money from nowhere. It is advantageous to ignore these imbalances; there will never be adequate reparations without causing additional imbalance, frustration, and disparity. It shouldn’t bother us because these artificial and materialistic elements are always present in every civilization — a signal, or perhaps expression, of our lesser values, reminding us that we are indeed living in a better way. For the sake of peace of mind, we would benefit from focusing more on our individuation and unique mission and purpose, and trusting that we will be supported and sustained in doing so.

This world is created by those who have the patience, grit, and fortitude to heed and apply the gentle hand’s guidance — not just to survive but also to engage their magnificence, regardless of material gain. As they foster their child, they will be able to teach the species about authenticity; as they pursue their dream, they will be able to demonstrate imagination and character rather than fantasy and ideal.

The gentle hand says “yes” by encouraging us to reach in for a kiss, reach out for a hand, write a book, or paint the sky. It lifts our chins, no matter how often we fall. It fosters our numerous failures and mistakes and encourages us to make more. It — our higher self, our knowing, our source-field instigator — is unbiased yet completely for us.

Whatever form or function we came to serve, this place is accommodation for the omnifarious; we will always shine brightest in our own skin, for there are infinite shades of lightness.

Be ready to listen, learn, dare, and dive in.

Solvitur ambulando
Love your life