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Love is Love

Love is love. It submits to no doctrine, nor dogma, yet it survives them all.

It persists for us largely in dichotomy, wavering between want and need, give and receive.

Because of our culturalization, and ignorance, and perhaps arrogance, we tend to misuse, misdirect, misinterpret and just miss out on the simplicity of its non-compromise.

Desperately, we wish we could package it; control it, in words, in information, in sentiment and in obligation. We try to shape it to tradition, religion, and paradigm, a strong hand, or a gentle guide.

It is, and has been, all of these things, surely. And it is none. Love is transcendent and liberating, open and ready for any and all perspectives, thus it bows and bends to none; ego and power and force and doing harm are human constructs — humans acting in the spaces occupied by the lack of love.

Love is the universal yes, and it will await our return to the dance floor, every time.

Solvitur ambulando