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Nix the Social Media

Delete all social media apps. Do it now. I’ll wait… Nothing I’ve written here will change you, nor or your mind, because you have to choose for yourself to take responsibility for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Social media is offering only and forever the exact opposite of that. Reason it out. Uninstall Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, Telegram, YouTube, and all the rest from your “smart” phone, remove the ridiculous “smart” watch, give it a week, and see what happens.

Don’t worry, you won’t miss a damn thing.

Remarkably, you’d likely still have the phone, texting, and email to communicate with… But are you really connected to or communicating with anyone? Do you even know how to put pen to paper? Or, is that uncool and old-school? Grow up. We’ve all been subjected to generations of the dumbing down of society, and the more you rely on tech to think, write, edit, express, and publish for you, the less you have any semblance of humanity, intuition, or intelligence about you.

There’s a reason we have books that are centuries old, this in spite of those tyrants and controlling parasites who’ve wilfully burned down or otherwise destroyed the libraries of antiquity. Imagine. What’s certain, is we’ll NEVER have tablets and laptops and hard drives or thumb drives that’ll last more than a decade or two – and worse, many of these devices we’re currently addicted to will be entirely dependent on someone else’s servers for anything useful regarding literature, education, original records, or information. Sadly, we’re already decades into the modern book-burning, and subject to the whims of mindless thought police who are editing, revising, and redacting the original works of celebrated, often controversial authors, to better reflect what is currently acceptable in modern sociopolitics, and myopic, ideological, self-righteous stupidity. And worse, what if your social credit score denies you access? Don’t be daft.

Want only what is real.

…especially if you’re the kind who thinks the “news” provides real, factual information, rather than the endless repetition of minor, or even entirely staged events, making it seem like evil, darkness, death, and tragedy is happening all the time, everywhere. And ESPECIALLY if you’re a “truther” or “conspiracy investigator.” We’ve been captured and entrapped, just like everyone else.

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It was in and around 2010 when the major social platforms, that we now think have always been around, exploded into the mainstream. Ever since then, they’ve been gently, but systematically, misinforming, misguiding, and dismantling mentally and cognitively the zeitgeist, the collective’s psychology, agency, and sensemaking. Sure, the main reason for the existence of social media is data mining, and making massive profits from the data, images, videos, memes, posts, and everything else we share freely, but it’s far more than even that. More and more of what we think is the internet is being collapsed into the realtime influences of A.I., and that’s where your data is most useful. Because we default to our habits, patterns and programming, everything you say and do and feel, and will ever say and do and feel, is predictable, right down to the day you will likely “die”. So, when you think you’re controlling the feed, that by blocking some users, and allowing others, using this app over that one, buying a “privacy-focused” device, that you have a say in what you see, how you react, and what you choose to share… don’t be a fool. You’ve had almost nothing to do with that decision.

Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest, blew up, quietly inserting themselves into our lives en masse, hiding behind the wildly distorted veil of “open and free discourse and communication,” yet have never, ever been anything of the sort. Case in point, in 2020, when the plandemic fraud turned worldwide crazy up to 9/11 and beyond, these media giants were employed, as expected, to aggressively push billions of hearts and minds into their screens, and their artificially produced perceptions, their bubble realities, both large and small. Censorship, that had already been building at a fever-pitch in the years leading up to this massive medical and financial fraud, reached all-time highs, and “fact checkers,” those amoral, unethical, spineless corporate shills, had their moment in the sun. They, like presidents, prime ministers, health ministers, celebrities, OBEs, MBEs, GGs, and all the rest, were doing their god’s work, demonizing truth, reason, and logic, and promoting fallacy, scientism, tyranny, and mass murder.

As has happened so many times in history, though seemingly concentrated over the past century, the people ate it up. The manufactured hysteria subsumed our minds, inflamed our emotions, and terrorized our hearts. Suicides, alcohol, and drug abuse went through the roof. Medical professionals absolutely lost their fucking minds. Once again, the public, through misguided virtue, rewarded the widespread embracing of ignorance, and ostracized those who dared to question the motives, the machinations, or the narratives, to say, “Whoa, wait, what are you talking about? These are all lies. Here’s the proof!”

Sit down, you anti-[insert whatever-the-fuck-you-need here]. Trust the science.

Oladimeji Ajegbile – Pexels

We sheltered-in-place, cordoning ourselves off from society, from real life, because of media enforced, asinine, and ridiculous state mandates, but also, having been conditioned for more than ten years already to find solace and a “safe and effective” emotional outlet for our fears, angst, and frustrations behind filtered faces, avatars, and account names, we fell deeper into psychological imbalance, and dangerous dopamine and oxytocin dependence upon the fake reality, and fake narrative being imposed upon us by centralized, socialized, curated and controlled media streams.

The truth isn’t inside a box, on a screen, or in a meme.

Try to unplug for a while. Remember who you are, without artifice, gadget, or superficial connectivity. Shut down the wireless modem in your home, the phones, tablets, and laptops, more often than not. Pick up some real books. Hug some real people. Hold some real hands. Cry some real tears. Laugh some real laughs. Talk to some real faces, in person, in real life. Contemplate. Imagine. Create.

Solvitur ambulando