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Never and Our Brief Existence

We will never run out of water (because in addition to what is perpetually recycling on the surface, there is also primary, and magmatic water). We will never run out of oil (because it is abiotic, and self-replenishing). We will never run out of free energy for all (because we have unlimited solar, as well as ether, zero point, and of course nuclear energy). We will never run out of space for humans and their families to live well, to thrive, and to build resilient, naturally aligned communities.

Why do you choose to believe in the lies of scarcity and lack and in the artifices of collectivized, socialized media?

Why do you choose to believe that being human, relying upon your own heart, mind, imagination, empathy, spirit, and two hands, is not enough?

Why is your trust and faith in living a good and meaningful life deferred to external authorities and influences?

Why are the opinions of others even considered, rather than the damning evidence of their actions, words, and deeds?

Shut it down. Turn it off. Go live a little.

Tayler Lyons – Unsplash

A man’s character is tempered and forged over years and decades of stumbling and falling forward — if he chooses to face the world, rise again and again, be broken and remade, and be useful and productive, as is his natural inclination. He will see his father’s flaws and, for a time, be unsure of his choices. Then he’ll realize that he’s his father’s son, good or bad, right or wrong. If he’s strong enough, he’ll take that gift, reshape it in his own image, and move forward in his own time, for his own reasons. If he is fortunate, he will have sons and daughters who will undoubtedly challenge, shape, teach, and define him. If he is brave enough, his works will outlive him, and his children, whether through blood or creative expression, will be his legacy.

A woman’s temperance, resilience, nurturing, and incomparable spirit are constantly challenged, because if she isn’t always beautiful, fit, well-rested, calm, rational, accommodating, mothering, or giving, something is wrong with her. Feminism has not been her friend over the last seventy years. She will see her mother’s flaws and, for a time, be unsure of her choices. Then she’ll realize that she is her mother’s daughter, for better or worse. That bond will never break. That love will not fade. That gift, which she will build on and incorporate into her own story, will bolster her resolve and guide her for the rest of her life. If she is fortunate, she will have sons and daughters who will continue to challenge, shape, define, and redefine her. If she is brave enough, she will release those angels, whether through blood or creative expression, to bless, empower, and inspire those who should come near enough to understand a mother’s love.

For both men and women, mirrors and reflections will never be enough to answer all of their questions or heal all of their traumas.

However, everyone’s time will quickly run out.

Solvitur ambulando