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Simulation Theory

If this is all just a simulation, what reason is there to live?

I can appreciate the notion that we’re living in a complex matrix of illusion, but I don’t really buy in to the oversimplification that suggests all we are doing here is playing out some sort of silly game — or that we’re simply at the whim of the wouldbe gamemasters. It doesn’t compute that universal consciousness should be so trivial.

Sure, we can logic and reduce much of the human model, its functionality and form, into physics, chemistry and scientific materialism. But that’s not good enough. It feels like a form of psychological escapism, and worse, the outright denial of all things emotional and spiritual. It doesn’t follow that since we can’t completely wrap our minds around the nature of reality — given how little of even the electromagnetic spectrum we readily observe — that we should be at all complacent and satisfied enough with generalizations suggesting it’s all just a simulation.

Deal with your pain. This, perhaps above all else, could be our singular raison d’être. Some of us may be in a hurry to dump our minds into the cloud — or to install technological enhancements into our brains — but will the storage of the facts and figures and datasets of our lives also encompass the true essence of the human experience? Does increasing our information processing speeds actually improve upon our innate, and as yet undiscovered potentiality?

It’s true there has been enormous suffering in our history. There is to this day still a great deal of struggle. But I believe that we’re at a point in our collective story where we will be increasingly willing and able to reframe what it all means; as our perspectives broaden, and as our perceptions mature, all manner of understanding and deeper cognition will emerge.

Look again.

Solvitur ambulando