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Fire Dragon by Christos Karapanos - DeviantArt

Spontaneous Combustion: Burn it Down

Audio Version (music by Lesfm at Pixabay)

When we work to uncover our deepest, authentic truth, we inevitably go through a process of unraveling and undoing, unlearning and unburdening our spirits from the weight of conditioning — or the lies, limits, and soul-stifling ideas introduced through socialization.

The purifying flame, in a sense, is perhaps an effective and powerful way to allow whatever arises to emerge, and then simply burn it away. Use your imagination.

No hard feelings. No resentment. No disempowering guilt, self-deprecation, or self-reproach. In fact, it is with gratitude and love that we fuel this fire.

Thank you. You’ve served me well. You may go.

Be thankful when whatever it is rears its ugly head again. Perhaps the more familiar, the more prepared you are to light it and let it burn. You no longer need it, and you have no reason to keep it. Trust that if something feels terrible, it is based on a lie. If it feels depressing, it is based on a lie. If it makes you feel degraded, deflated, uneasy, embarrassed, or disheartened, it’s a lie.

These ideas are a bridge to lands you’ve visited before, and this time, you might be ready to burn that bridge down.

Your heart will soften. Your mind will relax. Your clarity will be restored, and your true self will have space to return home.

Love your life.

“The Divine Arsonist (Burn It Down)” – inspired by this book