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When you make a decision, when you commit, you free up all of creation to work with your intent and thus initiate spiritual, quantum and…

Id Est

You are a creator made flesh, participating in a strange, convoluted terrestrial game. There are forces about that utterly despise you for your freedom to choose. You can play any and all roles imaginable here — and you likely already have.


Most of us will go through life on a fairly predictable trajectory. It would take a concerted effort to live outside of the established parameters of what came before, doubly so because we learn most my modeling, training, and educating by the same means and influences.

Passion or Anger?

Outside influences continue to exist while we work to realign with our inner compass. Noise can be persistent, and some of the outdated ideas we’ve adopted will resurface and irritate or infuriate a creative spirit. It is in these moments that we determine whether we are working from passion or anger.