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This Is Your Life

You might think it’s possible to live in the past, or the future. But right now is all you get. So long as you agree with the linear way of things, that’s how it has to be.

If you can really grasp this and dive into the depths of what it can potentially offer you, you’d immediately feel empowered and solidly present.

Regardless of what hampers or hurts you, it has an origin, and a lifeline, or tether, that you are currently, right now, choosing to maintain. Any action you take based on the nature of that lifeline feeds into an older chapter of your life, and invariably keeps a piece of you firmly planted there, instead of here.

This naturally works the other way as well, in what we’d typically call the future. You’ll have desires and aspirations, wants and needs. Most all of these notions carry a temporal signature and weight to them, as the very definition of wanting requires its opposite, i.e., not currently having. The emotional component is the strengthening fiber that twists and weaves the intricate rope binding your present self and your future prospect.

Of course, our desires and needs are all based on the events and environments of our past. Even if you’ve just now experienced something, it is already past (as it has undoubtedly now passed) and is informing your present motives and future desires — or, your desires for the future.

The point I am trying to make is that we give away a lot of our creative momentum in a lifetime. You can see it in the faces of your elders, and you can see it in your own reflection. Right here and now, this is your life. This is how you choose to live it, be it, and do it. Whether you’ve done the work to unravel and release those tethers to the past/future, defines in large part the parameters of your waking life experience.

However, the greater opportunity here is to rise above all of this cyclical, temporal, and ultimately transient nonsense. You have the gift of self-awareness. You are conscious, sentient, and very much alive. You have choice. There is an incredible and empowering potential for a complete shift in your perspective on how this world works.

Right here in this eternal moment, you can either tip the first domino, or erase them all entirely. The reason why so many people are embarking on and pushing the ideas of meditation, plant medicine, ceremony and ritual, isn’t to simply relax, escape, or defer life or making legitimate life choices. It’s to touch profoundly upon the real aspects of the life you’re completely missing out on by just going about the everyday.

One of the most important ways to ground this concept is to know and embody to the core of your being that you are already enough. There’s no escaping it, for again, this is your life. No one can tell you otherwise, for only you can be you. What you experience of this world is singularly and uniquely your own. It’s a tremendous revelation, and a profound responsibility.

Reclaim your life. Now.

Solvitur ambulando