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A Quiet Place

A quiet place, lonely but not ever alone.

This divine life generously offers us infinite variety should we only be willing. It’s too common a tale that the persistent sadness mires the spirit and suppresses the adventurer.

I’ve certainly soaked in it.

Don’t ever allow the curiosity be quashed, not for too long. It’s true that we often learn more through pain. There’s a certain courage to hurting again and again, but that’s hardly life’s totality — even if we sometimes lack originality.

I’ve certainly fought with it.

A scraped knee, a battered heart, an exhausted mind… It’s foolish to think we’d escape unscathed. Still, one hopes not to have to throw in the towel, but use it instead to wipe the sweat from our brow and the blood from our lips.

A quiet place, inevitably. I’m learning your secrets.

Solvitur ambulando