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Unconditional Love

As we continue to shed old and outdated ideas in all areas of life, this one tends to be a complicated one. There’s a certain self-righteousness that is inevitably attached to the notion of unconditional love. But, perhaps we can unpack it a little, so to benefit ourselves and anyone who will come across our path in this life.

There are many aspects to unconditional love, yet I think it’s worth simplifying it, broadening it, and unrestricting it, so to transcend the martyrdom and self-sacrifice perspective, to essentially remove our egoic tendencies; to dare to love ourselves and others as we, and they, are; to love without conditions, as the creator-self, with perfect (deep, limitless, universal, timeless, original knowing) vision.

To love unconditionally is a liberation of spirit, but not for the arrogant nor foolish. It cannot exist amongst guilt, shame, control or manipulation. It has no agenda. It is outside the scope of juvenile or adolescent attitudes and fear—the undisciplined, polarizing energies our society currently dwells upon. Un-condition can only come from the heart’s brain, not the cluttered mind. It doesn’t require reason, simply the soul’s knowing. And the soul’s knowing isn’t well accepted nor readily practiced.

The truth is that our consciousness isn’t a muscle that needs training—in fact, it’s the exact opposite; absolute surrender to the love that you already are allows it to open up for and from within you. We raise our consciousness by unshackling our spirit. Thus, we free ourselves from any conditions to loving all of who we are, and naturally, it echoes and vibrates out into the world.

Entraining ourselves into uncondition is our personal work, unique to our own struggles, illusions, psychological and psychosomatic blockages. It’s important work, and it’s from where we rebuild bridges, address age-old trauma, and heal the rifts across time, space, reality and dimension.

Love, is by default, unconditional.

Solvitur ambulando