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Alone and All One – Stories and Illusions

We’re all dealing with the same problems. We’re all subject to, concurrently armed with, and informed by the same natural forces. The differences are nuance, interpretation, wordplay, and perception. Our languages and cultures may color inside the lines in seemingly varied ways, but we’re all struggling with and striving for the same things.

In this article, I will try to get to the root of the problem(s), delving into the nature of our struggles, our apparent isolation, and what we may endeavor to be and do in order to rectify and break the patterns that keep us small, afraid, confused, and feeling alone.

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Alone; all one; all by ourselves.

Words have meaning. Symbols have meaning. Examining the word “alone” we can immediately see the basic components are “all” and “one”. So, being all-one would suggest we perceive and experience the world from an individualistic perspective. How could we see it otherwise?

from The Century Dictionary.
Apart from another or others; single or singly; solitary or solitarily; without the aid or company of another: applied to a person or thing: as, to be or remain alone; to walk alone.

from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
[Middle English : al, all; see all + one, one; see one.]

from Wiktionary
From Middle English al one (“alone”, literally “all one”), contracted from the Old English phrase eall āna (“entirely alone, solitary, single”), equivalent to al- (“all”) +‎ one. Cognate with Scots allane (“alone”). Compare also West Frisian allinne (“alone”), Dutch alleen (“alone”), German allein (“alone”), Danish alene (“alone”). More at all, one.

In truth, we can do nothing in this life truly alone. Everything is a co-creation, whether through thought or action. In one sense, alone means to be and do all as one; the onus is on one, as one, singly. In another sense, as we’re absolutely aware, the collective is one — a massive, real-time collaboration of billions of participants. Not only that, but we interact with our environment, our Earth, and all of its elements. Therefore, we are the one and an integral part of the many — the individual and the collective.

Separation is an illusion, and a construct of the mind.



You will never be lonely if you stare into your cell phone or TV screen and that has always been the plan. I remember a teacher telling me once that when they tried to take an iPad away from a special needs child that the child would urinate instantly and fall to the floor having a severe emotional breakdown. Without our screens, we have to deal with reality and in every situation that I’ve ever seen with screen addiction, the screen illusion will always offer more feel good emotions than reality ever could. But there’s one catch…….the screen emotions are fake. With our screens offering a much happier existence compared to real life, something even more insidious is happening……..the human spirit is being groomed for a full virtual reality/metaverse jump into technology (and out of the human body) so that reality can be avoided forever and fake feel good illusions can be enjoyed 24 hours per day.

Jason Christoff

Nowadays, we often interrupt and intrude upon our personal space without using caution or discernment, streaming entertainment, “fact-checked” material, tailored narratives, and prejudiced perspectives. It’s a coping strategy rather than a tool for fostering agency. In terms of dopamine-seeking distraction, we are more self-enabling than any prior generation. Overindulgence always puts us at a disadvantage since we end up stuffed but never satisfied. Only when we decide to turn off the noise and halt the flood of sensory inputs can the imbalance be addressed. Then, time and space are provided for outward flow, creative expression, movement, decompression, intuition, inspiration, and purification to take place.

At this point, you would likely be feeling raw, vulnerable, and of course, very alone. That’s the trap, and also the opportunity. Jason continues:

With this very elaborate bait and switch agenda (fake emotions being switched in as real emotions are switched out) we will see the death of the human spirit, the death of human creativity, the death of family, the death of community and the death of any societal structure that requires human connection as its foundational corner stone. Our screens are not only there to indoctrinate, brainwash and mind control us to believe down is up, black is white, left is right and wrong is right…….they are also there to make sure we become bored with real life, so we can be baited to merge fake emotion generating technology with the human mind…… order that we never have to experience real life ever again. This means humanity will perish because of the way technology has figured out how to hack the hardware of the human nervous system.

The tools and devices we use every day may well be contributing to our downward spiral and our emotional and psychological isolation. We know the “news” has a heavy bias toward the negative, toward fear, violence, and anxiety about the world around us. This isn’t a mistake.

This is from another article by Jason:

The news stations were then all bought by this evil group (via Blackrock and Vanguard) and only negative fear-based news would be broadcast. This was known as Operation Mocking Bird. In individual behavior modification experiments, which focused on trauma based control, there was a pattern of using poison to increase the control factor. After poisoning and drugging were discovered to increase compliance in a mind control victim, poisoning the public became priority #1 within this group as well. The criminals in government would simply tax the public and funnel the criminal proceeds to any industry, organization or person who would increase the flow of poison into the public. Medical poison, alcohol poison, caffeine poison, fluoride poison, Teflon poison, pesticide poison, vaccine poison, mercury teeth filling poison etc…….the goal was to drive as many poisons as possible into the public in order to increase the trauma, compliance and obedience factor into the stratosphere.

Given this unfortunate and dismal aspect of our world today, is it any wonder why we may all be feeling so very alone?

Traumatized generationally, we may carry within us codes, conditions, and programs we aren’t even aware of. They undoubtedly influence our decision-making, how we interpret circumstances and events in the world, and how we cognize the presence and behaviors of those around us. We’re deeply imprinted by generations past, and without any awareness of this hidden element of our human experience, we may be unconsciously perpetuating our own traumas and, of course, our loneliness.

Austin Mabe – Unsplash

The Illusion of Uniqueness

Humans, especially when we’re young, tend to overestimate how unique our problems are, leading to feelings of isolation. Social media and the internet can exacerbate this illusion by creating the impression that everyone else has interesting, exciting, or perfect lives. As we gain life experience, we come to know this isn’t true. Yet in the modern era, the more we depend on our screens and those squarely filtered and curated narratives, the less we can see past the boundaries of an altered reality. We may even regress and become infantilized in our hearts and minds, leaning destructively into adolescent and childish thinking and behavior. This phenomenon would indicate a deeper wounding that will have to be acknowledged and addressed.

We selectively remember (and misremember) the formative moments of our early years and all the innumerable experiences that shaped us. The traumas and injuries, the ups and downs, the suffering and struggles, the healing, victories, and adaptations — all of these elements encode a perception of our uniqueness based on redacted, skewed, and overly simplified stories. We tend to reinforce this limited perception every day through repetitive thoughts and behaviors. What is “safest” is what is familiar, even if we’re quietly desperate for change. Until we break the pattern, we will continue to experience more of the same with only minor variations, regardless of where we go and with whom we may experience it.

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Awareness is Key

This collective playground is anchored in a shared functional reality. It’s built from the same raw materials, coalesced in adagio from the same quantum field, for everyone. Curiously, though we embark on the selfsame journey, forever we fight, polarize, seek contrast, and quibble over mere artifice. Much of this is the direct effect of social engineering. Eyes open.

…but when we decide to move forward fearlessly, there is something fearless that helps us…that’s the only way I can answer that, because if anything else was true, there would be no people like you and I in the world. We wouldn’t exist. The controllers would already have everything…but that’s not what we find. We find good in the world. We find spiritual people. We find spiritual communities that we can engage in…so we find a benefactor force.

Anything that you entertain you participate in. You need to be very, very clear with yourself where you want to be in our reality.

Jason Breshears

It seems the grand illusion is quite capable of distracting us, and it’s both a simple and rather complex state of affairs.

Nevertheless, when you know the situation, you’re empowered to shift it and remake it in your own, truer image. Be aware. Be creative. Be alive, for you’re never alone.