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Tag: memories

Cousin… Or, Coozahn

My cousin is the big sister I needed in this life. We spent a lot of time together in my teens, as she’d lived with us while going to university. I think she also kept me from losing myself in utter loneliness, but she was also one of the only people I didn’t mind being around all the time.

Life is Music

7 years ago today, I was working with my longtime friend Mark Greenhalgh, a fellow music producer and lifelong percussionist, on the Fleshwound album. We were trying to hammer out live drum tracks, to replace my originally programmed ones.


I’m listening again to Glenn Gould today, as a “focus” or “music for concentration” playlist on Spotify brought across classical vibes that somehow led me to Glenn’s repertoire.

Insert Clever Title

I rebooted ye olde blog three years ago, after deciding to wipe it clean and start fresh. The few hundred posts over the previous years seemed scattered and disoriented, much like I was, and still can be from time to time. I’m OK with that.

Storm Winds

It was a stormy, windy night when the island’s power had gone out yet again. I was wondering about the trees and who the hell is flying that prop plane that’s slowly cruising over, as the big, bright ferry remains parked at the terminal across the narrows.