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K Mitch Hodge- Unsplash

Going to Extremes: Activism and Ignorance

The inane hypocrisy of “university educated” morons, pretending they care about environmental causes when it’s simply about seeking attention for their miserable, empty, pathetic, meaningless small lives. When you’re raised by the indoctrinated Woke and the AI-driven, faction-oriented internet, you’re a captured, mindless, and emotionally stunted child for life. Blame the parents? Maybe. Blame the government? Certainly. Blame the institution of education. Absolutely. They’ve lost their way completely and operate by someone’s deliberate design to consistently corrupt and destroy the hearts and minds of every generation.

Activism is important, and resistance is the only way to stand against the everlasting tides of parasitic psychopathy that persist in our realm. But these ridiculous and stupid acts serve only to embarrass your cause and enrage the collective against you. YOU made YOURSELF the issue, not your purported rallying cry to “Just Stop Oil,” which clearly means nothing to no one, save the ignorant cowards of your sad little well-funded, deranged cult. Oil isn’t the enemy. Oil is a renewable natural resource that is grossly mishandled by the greedy, profiteering, and grotesque Corporation. This can and must be changed and improved upon, certainly.

These pathetic emotional tantrums and vandalizing outbursts will continue to happen, as they always do. There have been a number of such events throughout modern history. They’ll make headlines and attract all of the huffing and puffing of those who’ve been happy to simply sit and stew in their quiet desperation while the world slowly and deliberately goes to hell all around them in these times of controlled demolition and forced relocation. If anything, these sad acts of vandalism are signals that we must never be complacent if we believe that there are things sacred, valuable, essential, and important to defend, protect, and leave as a legacy for our future generations. This includes ideas, beliefs, and cultural stories, not merely statues, stone circles, and artifacts of the barely known or understood past.

Obviously, events such as these are not about Stonehenge. They’re endemic to a lost, confused, and powerless generation. Their only option is to attack that which is most important to many, and while the impetus may be in their minds justifiable, their momentary blip of excitement will be entirely forgotten within hours, or even minutes, subsumed in to the grand narrative and controlled nature of The Message. But this is the nature of extremism when conflated with activism. It doesn’t work in real life any more than it does in the movies. But when your emotionality has been weaponized against you, you’re left with very few options. This is your design, and it makes you an easy mark and an easy criminal that will now be labeled for life while having achieved nothing but proving that your hatred of everything is all you’ve got.

We are so much more than this.

Amplify the light.

Inspired by: Stonehenge Vandalized – The Real Reason They Did It