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Tag: self sabotage

Mining the Depths of Reason: One Man’s Journey

Over the past few years, I’ve done a great deal of harm to myself. I feel it in my body and I can see it in my face. My avatar’s lifespan has probably been shortened by several years, if not decades, due to the intensity of psychic, psychological, and emotional energies that have been emerging and culminated in the paradigm-shifting events of 2020–2021. The psychological warfare we all went through (and will continue to be subjected to daily) was undoubtedly a peak experience, but for people like me and those who are similar to us, this is just a part of the ongoing inner/outer mental/spiritual struggle that we face throughout our lives.

The Dream

There’s the dream
That’s been shadowed
By the rain
By the constant weight of fear
Do the echoes break my stride

There’s the dream
That’s been covered
By the skin
By the weightless swell of tears
Can you hear the crying shame?

Safe Places

We all want to feel safe, and there are many places in our lives that can provide that feeling. Feeling safe affects our well-being on all levels, from the primal to the emotional to the intellectual. Many of us rarely have the opportunity to let down our protective barriers or relax our emotional suppression; to wear our vulnerability on our sleeves. How often do we truly offer, without reservation, to be and hold that sacred safe space for others?