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State of Reunion

Play more. Laughter, singing, dancing and imaginative abandon is restorative, healing and dispels negativity, emotional pressure and unconscious stagnation.

Hug more. Touch is critical for human health. Connection and closeness and intimacy is natural and essential to your wellbeing.

Communicate more, face to face. Spend time with friends and family, listen deeply, and create space to recognize yourself in others. Our challenges are more alike than we often realize. Look to foster social and communal connection, sharing ideas, resources, skills, talents, and opportunities.

Create more. Follow your impulses and inspirations. Contrary to the illusion generated by social media, nobody cares about what you love, so don’t worry about opinions and judgment.

Explore more. Question your assumptions and presumptions. Take a different trail. Turn left where you’ve always turned right. Follow your feet, tend to your heart. Find the courage intertwined within raw and naked vulnerability.

Be real. Be true to you. Fail frequently. Carry on. Today comes but one time in this lifetime. What will be your legacy?

Solvitur ambulando