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In film/video editing, we can change the narrative, tone, meaning, perception and perspective with every single cut.

We can rearrange a moment so a hero becomes a villain, a truth becomes a lie, a boon becomes a burden, a friend becomes a foe.

And that’s just visually… With sound, music, color and effects — filters and more — reality is mutable and malleable to no end, save the imagination, inclination and intent of the content creator(s).

Hollywood revises history, fact and fiction all the time, while perpetually coloring our present and potential futures in generally dark, oppressive, violent tones.

We may position it in the light of “entertainment”, but underneath, seeds may take root, and given the sheer volume of the negative noise out there, it’s upon us to choose our level of exposure to toxicity and vacuous sludge.

We, too, have to be aware of how we edit, filter, and manipulate our own memories, stories, realties and timelines… perhaps unwittingly pulling ourselves out of the present and conscious and creative point of power — based on unnatural ideas and adopted beliefs.

You are more. You are the everything, entangled. Look again.

Solvitur ambulando