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Between A Rock

A human life is rife with pressures, whether intrinsic, extrinsic, imagined or very real. We’re a resilient species, but why the persistent layering of weight, warring, woe and worry?

The spectrum that delimits our individual capacity for coping and maintaining form and function – amid the ebb and flow of living a life imbued with polarity and duality – is broad. Every day can have us feeling capable of or overwhelmed with what could be perceived as either trivial, or agonizingly arduous. It’s all relative, of course, but the tremendous frequency with which life adapts to our capabilities is almost calculating.

And perhaps that is the ultimate point of it. How empty is the Earthly experience without the colors of resistance, the hues of emotions, and the near infinite shades of grey? If it was all laid out, mapped and planned to the finest detail, our minds would atrophy, then likely short circuit from the lack of foundational architecture that allows us to define parameters, boundaries, preferences, values, and objectives. Our hurts help; injuries and impositions force us to engage higher reasoning, higher-self discernment, and the greater ideals which may have otherwise lain dormant.

But when the world keeps telling you that you are to trust those who are in elevated, elected, or appointed positions of authority, these inbuilt capacities are directly challenged. Our expression and ideation is sequestered and suppressed to accommodate the “general good”, which is an affront to the nature of the enlightened, awakening, dynamically creative human being. Furthermore, it is an insult to the intuitive, holistic and powerful impulse that underlies sovereign behavior; we are kind, generous and highly motivated when left to embody the natural tendencies of what is currently expressed as Homo sapiens.

So, is it a conspiracy to keep us down, to simply take advantage of the resources of both animal and raw material? Or, is it we who have generated these conditions within which to test, adapt, and expand upon what has been done before, or elsewhere?

There is, noticeably, tremendous weight, burden, and drama in the former, whether we believe it consciously, or react to and perpetuate it from the subconscious. The latter, invites curiosity and wonder, albeit with the condition that we allow for the broader metaphysical perspective.

The seed requires very little to sprout life, even in the most unexpected of places. Between a rock and a hard place is suitable, as this is the arena in which it was found. It doesn’t try to grow. It simply does what is most natural, without any thought as to the apparent limitations and challenges that await.

It is here to be alive.

Solvitur ambulando