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We’re at a stage in our human journey where spirituality (consciousness) and technology are evolving and emerging at comparable, concurrent rates — and it seems as if it’s somewhat of a competition, depending on how you look at it.

Most of us on the awakening, or enlightenment (self-development, self-actualization) path are more and more aware, active, engaged, and involved with the process of self-knowledge and discovery, increasingly working with others in the same arena, and thus cumulatively raising the bar for the rest of the collective. That’s just basic energetics. Call it cognition consensus buoyancy and the resonant reverberations created by those who are doing the work, as it were; everything is energy, thus everything is connected; you heal you, and you heal me, just a little, and make it easier for me to get there myself. Along the way, our ideas of what self-help, self-care, and spirituality are also evolving, shifting toward a singularity of sorts, shedding dogma, and outdated or distracting ritual.

We can also observe that our technological development is racing along at light-speed as well, though true innovation is still arguably lagging, or worse, suppressed. True progress is perhaps hindered by the forces of the market.

What is evident, is the yin and yang of it all; the feminine and the masculine; the dark and the light. As ever, we’re battling within, and without. We’re steeped in the contrast, possibly more aggressively than at any time in recent recorded history. There is a tipping point, and nobody really knows which way things might play out, though prognostications seem to always have a negative, apocalyptic bias.

It’s easy to be a pessimist. It’s also easy to be an optimist. The challenge is mostly in the deciding factors, in our truest values, and in our choices, big and small. We make a lot of decisions by default, or within the parameters of our most influential conditioning — thus we live primarily in unconscious ways. The rest of the time, we’re reacting to choices we didn’t realize we were part of making. This, one could argue, favors the machines, the artifice, and the traditional (though increasingly AI-dependent) corporate interests. This keeps us strip-mining, deforesting, polluting, and inevitably unhappy and unfulfilled.

So what does it take to raise the consciousness of a species? How long until we’re all at a more mindful, unified, harmonic, resonant, phase of development? Another thousand years? A million? It seems there’s no time for that. We’re at a crux that shifts things for us in hours, days and weeks, never mind decades. In 1918 the pop-up toaster was invented. Today, we can talk to them (and they can talk back). Maybe that’s not an actual improvement.

A lot of us, feeling exasperated, are ready to be rid of our humanity. It feels like a futile, failed experiment; emotions are exhausting, and taming the mind is impossible; this clunky meat-suit ages, breaks down, needs constant upkeep and feeding, and gets sick far too easily. What’s next, please?

On the flip-side, even in the past decade, we’ve made incredible strides forward in the practice and understanding of the potentials of our human design (latent and actual), the power of our minds, and the undeniable energy of thought. There is more and more science and data that backs up things that yesterday were strange and esoteric. One could argue the same about computers and their capabilities that were not so long ago mere science fiction. Again, the confluence shows itself to be evident.

Then the question remains: what is important to you? Who are you? What are you? Where are you going? What do you really, truly want out of life? If you’re afraid of pain, struggle, and fear itself, you’ll likely welcome the machinations, the artificial, and the subjugation of organic existence. I would argue that the players out there who are manipulating the global and societal narratives are tricking us into believing we’re far less remarkable than we actually are; they’re pushing our limbic brain buttons and distorting our cortex functionality with the incessant onslaught of advertising, negative propaganda, polarizing cultural constructs, and destructive monotony of the same-old, same-old… dressed in the bleeding colors of progress.

It’s on you. What reality do you prefer? How are you choosing to be? What’s important to do? What do you really, ever, have? What can you keep?

Live now. Engage this human adventure. Love your life.

Solvitur ambulando