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Tag: values

Who am I?

I watched Teal Swan’s video “Why You Can’t Feel Loved for Who You Are” and it hit something really deep, like a sledgehammer to my…

The Future

The pervasive nature of our linear existence can be our greatest foe. We maintain challenging conditions and restrictions here that grind against the very flow of life. Granted, that contrast is how we chose to explore our everything, how we define this physicality, and how we determine the scope of our emotional spectrum.

A Great Debate

It’s difficult to engage in paradigm-shifting dialogue when everyone assumes they’re right. It’s an unnecessary, childish heaviness that is ineffective and destructive at best.

On Service: You’re Enough

We often dismiss our efforts, particularly the small ones. We negate our positive impact on others’ lives because of how we see (or value) ourselves and frame our worldview; we color the canvas with our preconceptions, paradigmatic programming, and ideas and beliefs about how we presume others perceive us, our worth, or our contribution. 

Unreliable Identity

That which we identify with, owns us. All of our conscious and unconscious decisions are influenced by what has been, what we associate with, what we adhere to, and what we have been trained to believe. In fact, exploring new and unfamiliar territory can be terrifying because it is outside the norm and represents a loss of control and vulnerability.