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Tag: water

Never and Our Brief Existence

We will never run out of water. We will never run out of oil. We will never run out of free energy for all. We will never run out of space for humans and their families to live well, to thrive, and to build resilient, naturally aligned communities. Why do you choose to believe in the lies of scarcity and lack and in the artifices of collectivized, socialized media?


Water. So patient, violent, peaceful, persistent, forceful, easygoing, unpredictable and just plain effortless. It’ll carry gold and minerals for countless miles. It’ll wash away your…

The River

Does the river know where it will end? Of course. Every drop knows every mountain, every cloud, every sea, every solar system, every star…


it never stops
though sometimes
it’d be easier
if it did
for a few breaths
but that isn’t the truth

Infinite Shapes of Water

The infinite shapes of water. With heavy rain comes light-bending splendor, meditative wandering, and a lively vibrance that could make the sunlight jealous.