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Truth and Integrity

Many people are paranoid and concerned about the ever-changing “terms and conditions” of these self-important technocrats operating social media giants. It’s a little ridiculous, and naive, if you think they’re only now capturing and getting a machine-learning high from all the data you’ve been providing, for free, for decades.

If you’re living, being and doing from the energies of truth and integrity, who cares what they do with data policies and data mining? They’re the criminals, they will be found out, and they will pay for it – if that is their intent. It ALWAYS works this way, in due time. The coercion, alerts, warnings and scare tactics are childish – and effective only against those who aim to do harm, to act illegally or unlawfully, and who do not yet know how to stand in their power.

So, arise from fear. Stand in your power. Reclaim the impositions they keep trying to overwhelm us with. Low-level operators have this inbuilt failing. It makes for interesting movies and novels. We really don’t have time to exist in that blurry, chaotic, emotionally exhausting arena.

Finally, it is your choice to keep using their services, and to thus abide by their terms. Nothing is for free, especially in the world of commerce – and our world is almost entirely operated under some form of commerce. It’s all in the language, the legalese, and it weaves many tangled webs for us to get trapped within, generation after generation. This year has proven that a hundred times over… if you’ve been paying attention.

Beyond all the noise, there is the entirety of this universe that we all dwell within. Why aren’t you soaking up that expansiveness more often? You cannot hide, and neither can they. Let’s get past our teenaged, weak-minded silliness, yeah?

You are a creator being. Want only what is real. End your suffering.

Solvitur ambulando