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Running on Empty

It’s been a banner year for team human. Whatever side of the equation you find yourself on, it’s been a singular challenge, and an ongoing struggle to reconcile endless confusion and contradictions. The time has never been so ripe for massive, positive change, yet it is also a time of intense contrast, saturated with a palpable emptiness.

Those of us who were already loners or introverts have experienced a whole new level of isolation, even in a crowded room.

Those of us tasked with elevating the collective from the insatiable elements of the shadows, have never been so easy to spot, to single out, censor, ban and otherwise guilt, shame and socially ostracize; how dare we challenge the mainstream narrative!

How dare we show and share mountains of evidence, time and time and time again, of how this entire plandemic is nothing at all what is “as seen on TV”? How dare we even suggest that essentially ALL the measures cumulatively and callously introduced to stop the spread of the “invisible threat” are not only utterly ineffective, but woefully ignorant, violent, and increasingly destructive?

How can we even think to question the savior that is the “vaccine,” and not immediately fall in line to be baptized by Big Pharma? Why can’t we just cover our faces, keep our distance, give up our livelihoods and destroy any semblance of real human connection in peace? Don’t we care? Don’t we want this to be over? What’s so bad about the new normal?

I’m not sure how to phrase it exactly, but, fuck you.

The shame should fall squarely on you lot that have decided that wearing a mask is anything but virtue signaling. You have chosen to fit in, and that’s all.

You have to be truly inept to believe that after nine months (and counting) that the nonsense of “be safe” is working in any way, shape, or form. You have to be truly clueless to ignore the warnings, the increasing number of adverse effects, injuries, and deaths caused by rushed-to-market vaccines – never mind the plainly obvious fact that they’re beyond unnecessary (and really, shouldn’t even exist).

So, yes, it’s lonely and feeling tense over here. But perhaps us righteous truthers and conspiracy theorists had it coming. Clearly, the arrogance of peaceful protests and sharing of counter-narrative, controversial data, ignored or suppressed studies, damning statistics, historical parallels, and clever memes aren’t doing a hell of a lot to reach the hearts and minds of the converted, and maybe never did.

It’s disheartening and stressful to have to find ways to avoid shops and public places to avoid confrontation, judgment or glaring eyes. It’s disturbing to see and feel so much terror and fear in friends or family who’ve been convinced of the existence of the covid monster. It’s depressing how vast, layered and seemingly complete the forces and means and resources of deeply sick minds and control-hungry players are.

It’s only too easy to feel like we’re running on empty, and to feel like there’s so very far yet to go.

To those with whom this resonates, you’re not alone. I don’t know all there is to know, and I do my best to keep discerning facts from fiction, but I prefer to believe that I’m on the side of the light and the truth. How this all plays out will inevitably prove me wrong or right. Presently, it’s difficult to make sense of it all.

Solvitur ambulando