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Uncommon Cold

Through living here in this physicality, we learn and experience that our bodies are transmutation mechanisms, able to process and manifest organically what we create energetically, and emotionally. Thus, a “common cold” seems to be one of our body’s methods of purging built up energies we haven’t otherwise dispelled or processed. One could call it a Clearing Out of Low-level Dross (or Dysfunction).

When we examine our lives, the people, circumstances and situations, we aren’t always consciously aware of all that we’re taking on, or repetitively summoning from within — both of which tend to accumulate toxicity in our physical systems. Since our body is always working toward renewal, equilibrium and homeostasis, if we aren’t in the regular habit of cleansing, fasting, or utilizing any number of healthful practices, it’ll find the next easiest method by which to clear out those impurities.

The more frequent the stresses, anxieties, interpersonal struggles, unconscious self-sabotaging, and powerlessness we engage, the more we will need to process through the heaviness, and purify our earthbound vessels. There is no avoiding the work, and our bodies are always communicating what we need, if we’d learn to listen.

Love, accept and forgive. Love is the foundation of all our concepts and perceptions, and has no polarity. Acceptance is an effort, challenge, and ongoing exercise to accept ALL truths. Forgiveness is solely for us, within ourselves, to learn to transcend and let go; next level is instantaneous, thought by thought, and ascension out of the mired drudgery requires discipline and deliberate intent. Resolve to evolve.

Whether you accept the perspective of another as valid or not is your problem, and as we know, all resistance creates energetic feedback loops that attract more of their like energy. We make manifest in our lives those similar people, situations and circumstances that resonate with that which dominates our inner space; Life is quite effective at validating our perspectives and beliefs… until we decide to choose differently.

Meditate. Pause and become present. Appreciate the endless little life lessons along the way, and have gratitude for surviving the big ones. Strengthening the bones requires millions of micro-fractures and a pounding of gravity and the hard knocks of life. Attaining an elevated consciousness requires millions (or billions) of micro-fractures of time, space, reality and dimension, integrating our disparate identifications, and a vigilance toward alignment with our infinite-sense, and creator-essence.

We’ve grown through the ages, eras and lifetimes, to arrive here, again, able and willing to usher in what’s inevitable. Allow for your space of love an expansion of what you think you know to be true. There are many incredible paradigm shifts to come.

Solvitur ambulando