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An Empath Walks into a Fire

There is much to complain about these days, isn’t there? Our Western society is rife with imbalances, violence, judgments, labels, polarity, superficiality and spiritual disembodiment. One could almost call it conspiratorial in nature, as if some malevolent forces are at work to keep us discontented, disconnected and dysfunctional.

Imagine if we all started sharing our tools, cars, homes, money and food? Our experience, our skills, and our personal libraries? The market and the banks would be finished. We don’t need debt, and we never did. We don’t need single-use, garbage quality, plastic products, and we never did. We don’t need income taxes. In fact, we don’t need money at all, and we never did. It has only ever served as a system of manipulation and control. It is changing, but far too slowly. Greed, ignorance and stupidity still rule the day.

Imagine if we all woke up to the fact that we already have solutions, technologies and understanding that would fix all the world’s apparent issues, today. Our cars can already be 15 to 20 times more efficient (electric and gas), our homes can all be built more robustly, with natural materials, and be off-grid (or feeding back into it), we can grow or attain all the (organic, healthy, pesticide-free) food we need within a few miles of our homes, anywhere on the planet. We’ve had free energy, anti-gravity, and other “science fiction” technologies for over a century. We can heal our bodies with our minds and emotions (just as we tend to harm, injure, and prematurely kill them now). We don’t need Big Pharma, and we never did.

But the veil is only a very thin one. It’s not terribly clever, either. You see, the more effort you put into unraveling your internal energetic confusion and resolving those traumas, the more the outer world becomes clear in its ridiculous ways. Our personal and collective awakenings allow for revolutions, large and small, to ripple out and change our reality, one thought at a time. When we reclaim our creative sovereignty, we open the doors to what’s been here all along: truth and elevated consciousness.

It’s more important than ever to pay attention to those self-destructive habits, beliefs and behaviors. It’s only too easy to allow those who aren’t willing to escape their negative, violent, spiritually defeating spirals, to derail our efforts and forward, upward expansion. That’s not to say we aren’t here to help one another, but in today’s world, the victim/martyr and scarcity/lack paradigms still reign supreme, and the unnecessary drama we co-create is only holding us back from tapping our truest potentials.

The fire can only harm you if you believe it to be so. We’re all fully capable of walking right through it, without getting burned at all. It’s all energy, and it’s all here for us to decide what to do with, be it love or fear, pain or healing, selfish gains, or collective evolution.

Be what you desire to see, and what you desire will be seen.

Solvitur ambulando