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Choking Hazard

The many ups and downs of life can, and will, overwhelm us. Whether you have a family, are a single parent, or are just plain single, it’s all relative, as you’d expect. We all live into the limits of our well-established reality bubble, and will always be forced to choose to whether to stay there, or to destroy it.

There’s a necessary part of the self-discovery and self-actualization process that requires of us an elevated perspective, and the willingness to shatter illusions. Whatever level of universal understanding we’re currently operating at has its own relevant information and its own codified potentialities. If we’re on the path of conscious evolution, we’ll inevitably slam into those barriers—because that’s exactly what we desire to happen.

The trouble comes when we turn the unbalanced forces toward ourselves, and make believe that the suffering is inevitable. It’s not. Cyclical and obsessive mindfuckery is merely one way to explore and experience this stage. We are infinite, and yet, we perpetually forget.

Until we don’t.

If you’re like me, you dive deep and try to acquire as much information as often as possible to flood your consciousness with next level ideas, with that which is immediately challenging, and that which is quite uncomfortable. Because a part of you believes in the idea of overcoming—of maturing, of powering through, of the necessity of struggle and pain to feel any sort of accomplishment—you’re setting yourself up for a world of hurt, though you pray it isn’t going to linger, that it isn’t going to feel impossible, and that it won’t overwhelm you… again.

Bad news! That which we devise as our method of growth and expansion is EXACTLY what we’ll put ourselves through. As ever, we’re at once our best friends, and our worst, most nasty enemies. Suddenly everybody can push your buttons, and life throws random left and right hooks, even if you think you didn’t agree to the damn sparring match.

Alas, there is a beautiful cosmic poetry there. Look harder. It is we who know best what will keep tripping us up, thus we will bring in only the best actors, the best writers, and the best cinematographers so that when we get into the editing suite, we will see all of the raw, naked elements, and begin, again, to edit the grand motion picture that is a life lived well.

Every moment of pause allows us a private screening and spiritual recap of the place we are at, now. Every meditation gives us the gift of contemplation, of clarity, and focus. Every time we choose truth, authenticity and courage, we accelerate our gameplay and integrate the many fragments of our spirit and personality that the world wants to cast across the sands and the sea.

Be aware. Be open. Be on purpose. Be love. Be peace. Be the real you.

Solvitur ambulando